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Welcome to the Simpcraft Wiki Community Bases. This is where you will find all of the bases and structures made by the community or by a team. Make sure to read through them.

Simpcraft Highway Group

The Simpcraft Highway Group was created by Kobra_69 and Declipsonator. These were interesting founders because Kobra was a known griefer and Declipse never did too many things with the community.


The OG Balance discord was made on 11/12/2020 but the base was there long before that. The leaders of the Balance were Mightyhulk1 BobbyWasabi and IronSpider. The Base consisted of the largest gold farm on the server.

Goose Team

On 3/10/2021 The Community of The Constitutional Goosage Society was created, It consisted of several trusted Simpcraft players the leader being SillyGoose (Crispybaconboy). The group originally started as a joke spreading to Simpcraft servers to add a “Goose Role".


Coming Soon!

The Build Team

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