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Spawn 2.0 Timeline

Spawn 2.0 was a community base founded by "The Builder Team" right at the beginning of the server.
They are consisting of _AllenKurian_, ilmars112, mrs_karljacobs, TicTokTrex,
YellowRaceCar, Mob, DylanSkin, and pbgDaniel.

The Beginning
Spawn close to spawn

Spawn 2.0 was a "spawn close to spawn" and was very generous and safe.

Spawn Protection
Getting Spawn Protection

People also thought that it would get spawn protection for a long time though that never ended up working out.

Spawn 2.0 Destroyed
Great Simp War

It was destroyed early August by the griefers called "The Gods" which consisted of bulanpepita, flowers101, Lackeys and tudorelf.

Present Day

While remains of the base are still there, the base is almost entirely gone. It has been rebuilt a couple of times and now has been a memorial.