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Happy two years Simpcraft!

Simpcraft is a semi-anarchy server created by Plutoren for Mr. Beast’s raid video. The server is still alive till this day.


What's your story?

Previd Period

In the beginning, there was about a 30-40 player playerbase. It consisted of very few toxic players. Overall, the community was a lot more modest.

Congested Period

Large amounts of players flocked to the server to see it for themselves In the beginning, a large number of OG's went to spawn to stop new players from joining.

Post Congested

Lasted from August 16th to December 22nd. Simpcraft went up and down in popularity hitting a max of about 40 players during the max time.

The New Times

Player counts did not stay low forever though as new players started to pour into the server and some players that had quit decided to come back.

Frequently asked questions

Have other questions? Get in touch with our team via Discord!

Who created Simpcraft?

Simpcraft was created by The MrBeast Team and Plutoren as a 1.19.4 Paper Minecraft Server. This server was used for MrBeast's Raid Video.

How do I join Simpcraft?

You can join Simpcraft by ethier pressing the "Play Now! button on the top right of your screen or by typing the IP into Minecraft, ""

How can I get some basic resources?

Our best advice for you is to go as far as you can in the nether (ideally on one of the many highways), until you find a nether portal. Hop inside and we can assure you that animals and trees will be there.

Why does Simpcraft look similar to 2b2t?

The simple answer is that they're both anarchy servers, and players will always try to gain recognition by destroying stuff.

What are good hack clients to use?

Meteor and Inertia are good free clients, don't use Wurst.

How do I avoid being killed?

Run as far away as possible along with avoiding player contact.

What is Crystal PVP?

It's where players use end crystals to explode each other.

Why are Anarchy players so toxic?

Anarchy is where all of Minecraft's toxic players reside, you have to ignore them and keep playing.

How do I make friends on Simpcraft?

Talking in chat and not being annoying to the other players. This allows you to be more liked in the community making you more friends.

What are the do or dont's?

Do escape spawn and get some resources. Do not sit and beg at spawn. Do make a temporary base somewhere at least 5k away from spawn. Do not share your coordnates with anybody, even if they may seem friendly. Do make a secure base later on when you get more materials.

Are some people nice on Simpcraft?

Yes! Don't think everyone is out to get you, there will be people that will take care of you, just don't be mean to them.

Coming Soon!

Have an idea for a FAQ? Let us know!

Coming Soon!

Have an idea for a FAQ? Let us know!

Coming Soon!

Have an idea for a FAQ? Let us know!

Coming Soon!

Have an idea for a FAQ? Let us know!

Coming Soon!

Have an idea for a FAQ? Let us know!

Coming Soon!

Have an idea for a FAQ? Let us know!